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Cronkite Remembers: A Remarkable Century - Walter Cronkite.

Relieve what happened during the last century, as America's most trusted newsman shares his personal eyewitness experiences and insights gained from his front row seat to the 20th Century. Experience the ripping scenes caught by cameras and broadcast to the world. Good or bad times, we have made it through and one man was there all along: Walter Cronkite. Covers the Early Years, WWII and The Cold War.

CBS News / Timeless Media Group - 2009 - 

62345 DVD - Still Sealed - Never Opened

$5.00 - 1 copy

Roy Rogers - On The Old Spanish Trail-DV

Roy Rogers "On The Old Spanish Trail" 2009 DVD release of the 1947 film classic.

Breakneck action highlights this tale as Roy takes off south of the border to deal with outlaws terrorizing the townsfolk. Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, and trigger co-star. Listen for the beautiful title song Roy and The Sons of the Pioneers.

Bridgestone Multimedia Group / Alpha Omega Publications - 2004 - DVRST 312724 - DVD - Still Sealed - Never Opened

$5.00 - 1 copy

The Rat Pack - 4 - DVD.jpg

Rat Pack Hollywood Classics - 2 DVDs - 4 Movies

1. Frank Sinatra - Suddenly

2. Dean Martin - At War With The Army

3. Peter Lawford - Royal Wedding

4. Frank Sinatra - The House I Live Im

Bonus TV Episode; Sammy Davis, Jr. in The Colgate Comedy Hour

AMC Movies / Genius Entertainment - 2004 - 56709 - DVD - Still Sealed - Never Opened

$6.00 - 1 copy

Roy Rogers "On The Old Spanish Trail"