Grammar and Composition - Robbins & Row_

This is a 1920 (2nd printing) Wentworth-Smith Mathematical Series "School Arithmetics" Book Two, North Carolina edition. Published by Ginn and Company. Writing in pencil by student, Lorene Sherrill Grade Six. No loose pages, spine in good shape. There is cover wear, front, back, spine and edges. Some pages have been dog-eared. 

Back cover says; North Carolina Edition. Contract retail price $.68 - 

$8.00  - 1 copy


1966 - A Study of the Aviation Mechanics Occupation: A cooperative Study by the Bureau of Industrial Education California State Department of Education and Division of Vocational Education, University of Caifornia, Los Angeles by David Allen - Richard Lano - Norman Witt.

Paperback - 170 pages

All pages intact - little wear - spine VG ISBN: Not Applicable.

$5.00 - 1 copy

1909 - Essential Sudies In English - Grammar And Composition by Robbins & Row - Book Two

Some pencil marks - all pages intact. Spine in good shape. Wear on cover. Writing (pencil) inside cover "Bryan Russell Book - No. 3 N.C. Priced .45. Student work sheet inside book.

Publisher Row, Peterson & Co., Chicago

ISBN: (Not Applicable)

$8.00 - copy

Elements of Aeronautics - Pope and Otis_

1941 - Elements of Aeronautics by Francis Pope, B.A. - First Lt. United States Army Air Corps Reserve and Arthur S. Otis, Ph. D. 

Good Condition - Published by World Book Company - 660 pages.

Discarded library book from Bandy's High School, Catawba, NC

ISBN: Not Applicable

$8.00 - 1 copy

The Organization & Admin Sunday School-1 - $4.00
Better Angels - Howard V. Hendrix (2).jp

1924 - The Organization and Administration of the Sunday School by Jesse L. Cuninggim and Eric M. North: Training Courses For Leadership Edited by E.B. Chappell an Henry H. Meyer

This is the 7th reprint of the 1919 first edition.

All pages intact - cover and spine in very good condition - light wear -writing on inside of cover says "Dr. E.L. Edwards from your friend O.V. Woosley"

155 pages. ISBN: N/A

Published by Lamar & Barton / The Methodist Book Concern

$4.00 - 1 copy

1999 - Better Angels by Howard V. Hendrix - 1st edition 

During the first, turbulent decades of the twenty-first century, an artifact that resembles an angel’s shoulder blade is unearthed from California’s La Brea tar pit, a startling discovery that will forever alter the lives of five people—and send them reeling toward one blinding moment of transcendental light.

ISBN: 0-441-00652-3 Hardback - paper jacket - 373 pages. 

An Ace Book published by The Berkley Publishing Group

$5.00 - 1 copy

The Writer's Digest Genre Writing Series: How To Write Science Fictiion and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card. Hardback.

ISBN: 0-89879-416-1

$4.00 - 1 copy

Bush Warfare - Jerry Ahern_edited.jpg

Bush Warfare: They Call Me The Mercenary #10 by Jerry Ahern writing as Axel Kilgore. Audiobook:

 Hank Frost, the fast-shooting, fast-talking mercenary, finds himself the target of a beautiful woman's revenge. Kidnapped, he awakens in  a deep African jungle with a needle mark in his arm and a note that tells him he must fight his way through the jungle.

Americana Audiobooks (2 cassettes) 2003 - 3 hrs

ISBN: 158807657-1

$3.00 - 1 copy - Tested

Women In Space - Briggs (2).jpg

1988 - Women in Space: Reaching The Last Frontier by Carole S, Briggs

This is the story of women in space since Valentina Tereshkove of the Soviet Union in 1963, who was the first female in space. What did they do before their acceptance into the astronaut corps? How were they chosen? What was their training like? What do they did they do on a mission? What is it like to fly in space?

ISBN: 0-8225-1581-4 / Hardback - paper jacket- 80 pages - illustrated - color interior

Published by Lerner Publications Company

$5.00 - 1 copy

Buddy and his Flying Balloon-Garis (2).j

1931 - Buddy And His Flying Balloon Or A Boy's Mysterious Airship by Howard R. Garis - Book #7 in The Buddy Series.

Pages intact - some yellowing due to age - normal wear for a book of this age. Ripped page, but intact, on first page of chapter 1.

Published by Cupples & Leon Company - 1931 - 206 pages - ISBN: N/A

$4.00 - 1 copy

Playing Dad's Song-Friedman (2).jpg
Air-Age Educations Series - Bartlett (2)

1942 - Air-Age Education Series: Social Studies For The Air Age by Hall Bartlett (2nd printing).

A text for High School Students.

Very Good condition - No loose pages - cover and binding in good condition - normal wear for a book of this age. Discard library book with typical library markings on inside back and front cover plus catalog number on spine. Unknown from which library this book came from

ISBN; N/A - Cloth hardback - 169 pages - Published by The Macmillan Company - 1942 - 2nd printing

$5.00 - 1 copy

2006 - Playing Dad's Song by D. Dina Friedmna

Gus Moskowitz knows exactly what he'd change.  IfGus got to compose his life, September 11, 2001, never would have happened, and his father would still be alive.

As it is Gus's life is far from perfect. Lately, Gus has been spending more and more time curled up under his old quilt, hiding from the world. His mother insists that he"do something," however, so she rents him an oboe and arranges for him to take free lessons with Mr. M., her boss's elderly father.

ISBN:  037437173 - Hardback - dust cover - 144 pages. 

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux - 2006

$6.00- 1 copy

Freckles - Stratton-Porter (2).jpg

Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter

Uplifting story of a plucky waif without a name and without one hand, disabled since infancy. Raised in a Chicago orphanage, he survives abuse and harsh circumstances and grows up a brave, loyal, and hardworking young man with a true capacity for self-sacrifice.

Freckles becomes a timber guard in the Limberlost swamp in Indiana and exhibits extraordinary courage and resourcefulness on the job. He also falls in love with the Swamp Angel, a young girl whose beauty and kindness bring out the best in others.

A beloved turn-of-the-century Indiana classic for all ages.

ISBN; N/A - Cloth hardback - 352 pages - Published by Doubleday, Page and Company - 1916 - 2nd printing. Page yellowing. Condition = Good

$4.00 - 1 copy

What To See In Rome - Paglia (2).jpg

What To see In Rome and Environs: A Guide To The Most Interesting Places In The Pagan, Christian and Modern City by J. Paglia - 1960's era.

This book has seen a lot use but pages are intact. - It has a paper cover which makes it delicate to handle. B/W photos - No known publish date but AbeBooks believes it to be 1960's.

Published by J. Paglia - '60s era - Paperback  - ISBN: N/A

Condition = Good

$5.00 - 1 oopy

Robin Hood - 1928 (2).jpg

Robin Hood by Edith Heal - The Windermere Series - 1st Edition

Book is tight - All pages intact - Light wear on cover and spne - Color illustrations - Back of 1st page has pencil writing "For Carolyn on her tenth birthday with much love, best wishes, Emba Norton"

Hardback - 626 pages - ISBN: N/A - Published by Rand McNally & Company, New York, Chicago, San Francisco - 1928 - 1st Edition - Condition = VG  

$20.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Ringmaster - 1935 (2).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Ringmasters Secret by Carolyn Keen - 1953

Light Wear on the Cover. No Marks - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1953 - Hardback - ISBN: N/A

Condition = VG

$10.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Twisted Candles (3).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Sign Of The Twisted Candle & Password To Larkspur Lane by Carolyn Keen - 1968

Light Wear on the Cover. Small Red Mark on Front Cover - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1968-  Hardbback

ISBN: 0-448-09509-2

Condition = VG

$4.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Broken Locket (2).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Clue Of The Broken Locket & The Message In The Hollow Oak by Carolyn Keene - 1965

Light Wear on the Cover. No Marks - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1965- Hardback

ISBN: 0-448-09511-4

Condition = VG

$4.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Bungalow Mystery (2).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Bungalow Mystery & The Mystery At Lilac Inn by Carolyn Keene - 1960

Light Wear on the Cover. Margaret Newton written ink on 1st inside page - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1960- Hardback

ISBN: 0-448-09503-3

Condition = VG

$4.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Shadow Ranch (2).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Secret Of Shadow Ranch & The Secret Of Red Gate Farm by Carolyn Keene - 1965

Light Wear on the Cover -. No Marks - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1965- Hardback

ISBN: 0-448-09505-X

Condition = VG

$4.00 - 1 copy

Califonia's Missions (2).jpg

California's Missions: Thier Romance and Beauty by Hildegrade Hawthorne, Illustrations by E. H Suydam

The author gives the historical background history of how the California missions began, before telling the story of each of the famous missions in the order of their building, including romantic or dramatic stories connected with any of the missions. Accompany the text are the Suydam's 48 drawomgs depicting the graceful outlines of the missions. - Previous owners name "Albert M. Walker 5314 32 St NW" written in pencil on first blank page.

Published by D. Appleton-Century Co. Incorporated - 1st edition - 1942 - Hardback - Cloth Cover - ISBN: N/A - Condition = Very Good.

$8.00 - 1 copy

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The British Music Invasion Collectors Quick Reference by R. Duane Cozzen  Includes 41 Invasion artist of the 60's, from The Animals to The Zombies. Short bios of each artist and complete  detailed U.S. Discographies (albums, single 45's, Extended Play 45's (Ep's), Mini Albums (jukebox editions) and Flexi Discs) plus track listings. Discography years covered are from 1963 through 1971. Also included are rare, hard-to-find releases.

2015 Cozzen Publications - paperback - 200 pages.


$21.00 Autographed  (1st edition - 1 copy)

US Novelty _BW_Cozzen.jpg

Top U.S. Novelty Records of the '50s and "60s by R. Duane Cozzen

In this book you'll find some very interesting records. Novelty records are a different breed from the norm. The years covered are from 1950 through 1969, when novelty records were more popular. Chart positions and peak dates are included. You'll find images of the records with a label color description. The records are categorized by year and alphabetically, by title, for each year. Peak chart position by month and year is also listed. Record information is detailed. An Artist (short bios), Record Condition Grade Guide provided by The Record Collectors Guild, Glossary of Record Industry Terminology, Record Formats and Speeds, Common Manufacturing Materials and Resources sections are included in the back of this book

Cozzen Publications 2018 - Paperback - First Edition - 194 pages. ISBN 9781387794577

Illustrated - B/W

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$14.95 (does not include S/H or NC Tax).

Surf and Hot Rod - Cozzen.jpg

2015 - Surf & Hot Rod Music of the "60s by R. Duane Cozzen: Collectors Quick Reference

The Surf & Hot Rod Music of the 60's: Collectors Quick Reference, is a must have for record collectors! The book includes 43 of the most sought after surf and hot rod music artists records of the 60's. From Aki Aleong to The Ventures. Includes short bios of each artist and complete U.S. Discographies (albums, single 45's, Extended Play 45's (Ep's)and Mini Albums (jukebox editions)plus track listings. Also includes photos of album jackets. Discography years covered are from 1959 through 1967, including rare, hard-to-find releases.

ISBN-10: 132940033X

ISBN-13: 978-1329400337

Paperback - Illustraded - B/W - 168 pages - Publshed by Cozzen Publications - 2015

1st edition

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$17.97 (does not include S/H or NC Tax).

DC Comics Ultimate-2011 (2).jpg

2011 - DC Comics The Ultimate Character Guide by Brandon T. Snider- 1st Printing

From Adam Strange to Zoom. A complete guide to the greatest heroes and vilest villains of the DC Universe. Color Illustrated.

Published by DK - 2011 - 1st Printing - Condition = Very Good (VG)

$8.00 - 1 copy

Nancy Drew - Tree Symbol (2).jpg

Nancy Drew - The Witch Tree Symbol & The Hidden Window Mystery by Carolyn Keene - 1975 reprint

Light Wear on the Cover. No Marks - Binding is Tight.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1975- Hardback

ISBN: 0-448-09533-5

Condition = VG

$4.00 - 1 copy















2006 - Playing Dad's Song - D. Dina Friedman - $6.00