Based out of Claremont, N.C. -  Cozzen General Store is the online retail division of Duane Cozzen Entertainment  that sells New, Used and Collectible Items.

PRICING (USED ITEMS) is determined by Condition, Rarity, Size and Weight (Since S/H IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE and what it cost us to acquire for resell.

PRICING (NEW ITEMS) is determined by our cost to purchase the item. We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Again S/H is included in the price.

N.C. SALES TAX: Beginning 2019 the State of NC started taxing website retail business 4.75% sales tax. This will be added at check out.

LULU DIRECT PAY: You'll only find this on some books by Cozzen Publications since buying direct from the printer, Lulu, the prices will be cheaper than through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. These prices do not include S/H. LuLu is a NC company and will charge NC sales tax at their check out. We get a percentage of books bought through Lulu.